The Boardover – 24th September

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This week’s gaming session wasn’t as packed with games as last week but I still enjoyed myself. Once again I was late due to train problems, so when me and Kim arrived the guys where latter stages of a game of Skull. Once that was over with we divided up into two tables of three. One to play Five Tribes, their other Cyclades.

Both were mine and Kim’s games and while I love Cyclades I elected to play the equally good Five Tribes. I think the reason I enjoy Five Tribes is that there is a lot going on at a given moment yet it never gets overwhelming. In fact the longer the game goes on the simpler things tend to get as the possible moves players can make dwindles down to nothing. Another reason is that there are multiple paths to victory. Even though the collecting of sets of cards from the market is a tad unbalanced the other paths make up for it. To play the market you need a lot of luck. While the other paths tend to be about seizing opportunities as they arise.

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Throwing My Money Away – September Edition


This month has been an expensive one when it comes to my tabletop gaming habits.

First of all it started with Amazon Prime Now giving me an offer I couldn’t refuse and offering £20 off your first £50 purchase. So naturally I hurriedly browsed Prime Now’s limited selection of products for Board Games and ended up ordering and receiving Dead of Winter and Carcassonne within two hours. They came in a big brown paper bag and I felt awesome for bending the limitations of posting things in the UK to my will. MWHAHAHAHA!

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The Boardover – 17th September

Boardover = Board Game Hangover (I am SO funny!)

Every Wednesday I get together with members of the gaming group I run in Bishop’s Stortford. (For more details head to our Meet Up Page) Through the group I end up playing two or so games a week with one of them almost always being something I haven’t played before. The Boardover is a summary of the evening where I give my impressions of the games played.

This week was an interesting one turn out wise. We had a grand total of eight regulars come along and then a small group of four turn up, only one of whom was part of the group. The group of four kept to themselves but I moseyed over at the start and end of the evening to talk up the Meet Up group and what we do. It’s cool to see more people coming along even if they keep to themselves. The more the merrier and it also makes the get togethers more appealing for people who wander into the bar on the night. It also hopefully means I can get a few more members and regulars for the group!

Me and Kim were late arriving due to the trains in England being trains but we caught the tail end of a tense game of Codenames that went down to the wire. I’ve played Codenames recently and it is as good as everyone says. Quick, easy to teach and fun to play. A near perfect opening/introductory game. The key to victory being playing to your team’s strengths and giving them clues based on shared knowledge.

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Project #1 Concept – Game Dev Deck Builder

Very rough notes when I started coming up with the basics of the game.

I’ve been wanting to make tabletop games for a while and starting this site has galvanised me into moving ahead with a few ideas. Project #1 is something I feel I can quite quickly define the game mechanics for, make a prototype or two of and most importantly; iterate quickly. The game idea is simple enough but I am hoping that the mechanics will make for a good competitive game for 2-5ish players. So what is it?

Project #1 is a Game Development Deck Building Game.

I’m using my experience in and knowledge of the Video Games Industry to craft a game about making games. The tone will be reasonably tongue-in-cheek and make fun of certain aspects of game dev, the industry and the people around it. While also, hopefully giving some insight into the process of developing a video game. This is because the longer I work in the Games Industry the more I realise that people who play games on the whole do not know how they are made. I’m a fan of Deck Building Games in general and those sets of mechanics seemed to fit well with the idea of making a game about making games.

Note: To make things make a bit more sense Experience refers to the deck building game as a whole and Game refers to the game players are making within the game. (Its game-ception!)

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Welcome to Meeple Ex Machina

The collection early 2015

Over the past few years I have slowly be slipping into the abyss that is obsessively playing tabletop and board games. I usually muse about such things over on my personal site: But I am planning on writing and doing more tabletop related writing. So I figured it was time to move such things into their own space!

So this is Meeple Ex Machina, a site for me to write about the games I am playing, what I am up to and what it is like being a newish person to the UK Tabletop Scene. I’ve got no real schedule for posts at the moment because things can get quite busy for me.

For now though enjoy some reposts of my previous tabletop musings 🙂