Throwing My Money Away – September Edition


This month has been an expensive one when it comes to my tabletop gaming habits.

First of all it started with Amazon Prime Now giving me an offer I couldn’t refuse and offering £20 off your first £50 purchase. So naturally I hurriedly browsed Prime Now’s limited selection of products for Board Games and ended up ordering and receiving Dead of Winter and Carcassonne within two hours. They came in a big brown paper bag and I felt awesome for bending the limitations of posting things in the UK to my will. MWHAHAHAHA!

Carcassonne has really impressed me with its good mix of simple surface layer gameplay and complex depths. I have only managed to squeeze half a game of Dead of Winter but I really liked what I played. It is a bit overwhelming at first and I greatly underestimated the game’s set up time but the overall experience is good fun.

I also managed to resist the temptress that is Kickstarter (a little bit) and only pledged to one tabletop game, Trove: The Crystal Caverns which won me over with its beautiful art style and asymmetric game design. I’m planning on assembling the free Print and Play version of the game soon-ish to give it a go. Then in semi-tabletop related purchases I received my copy of Blood Bowl II for PS4 yesterday. I love Blood Bowl so a highly polished video game that successfully recreates the experience with a few good additions and twists is a must have for me.

Finally I have ended the month with a bit of spare cash and instead of saving it for the future I have splurged it on my own copy of Splendor after being so impressed with it last week and I finally have a copy of Cosmic Encounter. A game I have wanted for a long time. I am now broke and will need to resist buying anything for quite a while. My will can be weak but I need to be strong! The only problem is that I really want to get the Core Set for Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition! So we will see how I go…


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