Throwing My Money Away – October Edition

gt01-box-leftIt has been a relatively restrained month of games purchases for me. The purchases I have made have been focused on mainly one thing, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition.

At first I just got the initial Core Set. Then I got a bunch of card sleeves and a deck box. Then I got a second Core Set and some more sleeves. I “need” a third Core Set then I will be fully tricked out AGoT wise until the first Chapter Pack is released sometime next month. Like I said in my review the initial cost to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is somewhat prohibitive. Also while having two Core Sets is perfectly fine my competitive decks are nowhere near as strong as they could be. So I am currently in the process of budgeting that in for next month if I can.

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The Boardover – 28th October


The past week has been a very Game of Thrones: The Card Game heavy one for me. This is in part because I wanted to write a semi-in-depth review of it but also because I am now fully committed to playing it for the foreseeable future. It has worked its way into my life so much that I am listening to podcasts about it on my commute to try and improve my game. I also got up early this during the week to make a new deck so I would be ready to play a few games at Dark Sphere that evening. What is happening to me?!

I don’t know how long this period of obsession will last but for now at least I am loving it.

Putting my AGoT cards to one side I did also manage to squeeze in a couple of other games last Wednesday.

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A Game of Thrones: The Card Game 2nd Edition – Core Set Review

Game of Thrones

When I finally received my copy of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition I was excited. On my train ride home, not being able to stop myself I opened the box, flicked through the rules and sifted through the cards. This prompted a few strange looks from one contingent of the commuters around me. However I noticed second contingent. The, “try not to look to interested but be interested” crowd was around me. Drawn to this strange box of cards I was routing through and smiling lovingly at. The main reason it drew this interest is mainly down to the now considerable brand name that was plastered on the side of the box, A Game of Thrones.

It is a name that has weight to it in pretty much every medium of entertainment. It is the default modern fantasy classic for many people and it demands your attention when you see something related to it. It is also a brand that I personally associate a certain level of quality to. So this new edition of the Living Card Game version of it is something that I have been anticipating.

So far I have found it to be a deep but initially confusing experience. One that I can see myself getting heavily into when I become more accustomed to its style of play. There is a lot of enjoyment to be had from this one box but there is also an element of the Core Set feeling incomplete. This Core Set of the AGoT 2nd Edition is just the start, things could get better, they could get worse. Only time will tell.

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The Boardover – 16th October

Blood Bowl Team Manager

This week has been a very game filled one for me. So let’s get down to business!

Sunday had me sitting down to a two player game of Blood Bowl: Team Manager. The card based reimagining of one of my favourite Games Workshop properties. I really enjoy Team Manager it has that right mix of randomness and tactical play that I like about Blood Bowl. It also does a really good job of translating the key mechanics, abilities and Star Players of the full game into card form. It plays out as a representation of a whole season of a league so you also see your team and staff improve over the length of the game. Something that in proper Blood Bowl takes multiple games. I’ve never played it with two players before and found the quicker change of pace refreshing. When playing with a full five people the game can drag on a bit but on Sunday we were done in under 45mins and had a good time in the process.

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The Boardover – 9th October

Francis Drake 01

I only managed to squeeze in one game this past week but it was a nice big, meaty game with a lot going for it. This week saw me and five other intrepid gamers tackle the high seas and the tense struggles of managing your resources in Francis Drake. There were wooden tokens, cubes, cards and boards everywhere! With the action focused in on the very large main board which featured a beautifully detailed map.

The aim of the game is simple, earn the most victory points to win. The paths to achieving said goal however are a touch more in depth and nuanced. Francis Drake is one of those grand games I love that takes a whole evening to play and while the game only has three turns it took the group of us two and half hours to finish it.

That may sound daunting to you but last night went by in a flash with everyone involved being enraptured by the events playing out on the table.

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The Boardover – 2nd October


(Image Source)

Another week means more gaming sessions for me!

This week saw a nice change of pace and involved me playing Liar’s Dice and Ticket To Ride on Wednesday. Then last night saw me playing Star Wars: Imperial Assault and doing some prep for a Frostgrave campaign I’ll be starting soon.

While playing Liar’s Dice I had a strange sense of Deja-Vu. I was sure I had played the game a lot before but couldn’t quite place it. Towards the end of the game (which I lost) things finally clicked into place and I remembered. I had spent an inordinate amount of my time in PS3/Xbox 360 classic Red Dead Redemption playing its version of Liar’s Dice. As the name suggests Liar’s Dice is a game of pushing your luck and seeing if you can read the room to try and workout which dice are in play and how many. It’s quick, easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. If you have a head for maths and probability then you will go far. As for me, luck wasn’t on my side and I spent the majority of the game with one lone dice which meant my options for bluffing were limited.

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