The Boardover – 2nd October


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Another week means more gaming sessions for me!

This week saw a nice change of pace and involved me playing Liar’s Dice and Ticket To Ride on Wednesday. Then last night saw me playing Star Wars: Imperial Assault and doing some prep for a Frostgrave campaign I’ll be starting soon.

While playing Liar’s Dice I had a strange sense of Deja-Vu. I was sure I had played the game a lot before but couldn’t quite place it. Towards the end of the game (which I lost) things finally clicked into place and I remembered. I had spent an inordinate amount of my time in PS3/Xbox 360 classic Red Dead Redemption playing its version of Liar’s Dice. As the name suggests Liar’s Dice is a game of pushing your luck and seeing if you can read the room to try and workout which dice are in play and how many. It’s quick, easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. If you have a head for maths and probability then you will go far. As for me, luck wasn’t on my side and I spent the majority of the game with one lone dice which meant my options for bluffing were limited.

Ticket To Ride

It was great to bring Ticket to Ride, a personal favourite of mine, to the table again. I have the fancy 10th Anniversary version of the game with a nice big map, lots of tickets and perhaps the coolest plastic trains you will see in a game. What I love be about Ticket to Ride is that it is a game that works so well on so many levels. New players can just play on instinct and do really well. Veterans can read the board and hedge their bets by taking new tickets. Then the end of game bonuses push everyone into trying to maximise the laying of their trains on the board. I’ve seen calm and relaxed games were everyone has kept to themselves but also tense cut-throat games with key routes and areas of the map get cut off early on.

This time around my wife managed to finish the game with laying all her trains in one continuous track which I haven’t seen happen before. So I guess that means in future games I will have to be more aggressive and start blocking off her routes!


Star Wars Imperial Assault is another game I adore. What’s not to love? It has Star Wars, tactical play, co-op elements and miniatures! This session was just running through the tutorial mission to teach the game to a new player. Usually I am the Imperials because I own the game and know the rules. This time however it wasn’t my copy of the game being used so I took on the role of the Rebels. So while the core gameplay is the same the pace of the game was very different. As the Imperials you are always doing something. Be it moving your small armies of miniatures around the board or scheming in the background leading the Rebel Scum into a trap three missions down the line. For the Rebels the game is a lot more immediate. You take your turn, see everyone else and all the Imperial figures move around the board then you respond accordingly in your next turn. I know that the team focus of the Rebels changes things significantly in Campaign play. Sadly for this tutorial session I felt limited in what I could do.

Hopefully we will soon be giving the Skirmish sub-game that is bundled in the box a go. Something that is more conducive to 1v1 play. Also something that will scratch that war game itch for me.


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