The Boardover – 28th October


The past week has been a very Game of Thrones: The Card Game heavy one for me. This is in part because I wanted to write a semi-in-depth review of it but also because I am now fully committed to playing it for the foreseeable future. It has worked its way into my life so much that I am listening to podcasts about it on my commute to try and improve my game. I also got up early this during the week to make a new deck so I would be ready to play a few games at Dark Sphere that evening. What is happening to me?!

I don’t know how long this period of obsession will last but for now at least I am loving it.

Putting my AGoT cards to one side I did also manage to squeeze in a couple of other games last Wednesday.

Deep Sea Adventure

The first was a fun small box Japanese game about deep sea diving called Deep Sea Advenutre. It is a game of push your luck as you descend deeper into the ocean to try and get more valuable treasure. The twists being that once you are holding some treasure your air starts being consumed and it makes you slower, oh and everyone is sharing the same supply of air. Due to the number of players at the time some of us doubled up into teams which worked really well. Each team ended up having these great moments of debate and bickering as they weighed up going deeper or grabbing what treasure they could and heading back to the submarine. The game lasts three rounds with the treasures people dropped either by dying or to help them ascend quicker slowly working their way closer to the submarine which gave the game a nice build up of tension as the more valuable treasure became easier to obtain.

Sadly me and Kim never made it back to the submarine in any of the three rounds. We got too greedy and ended up as permanent residents of Davy Jones’ Locker.

We then split off into two tables, one to play Cyclades the other run by me, to play Lords of Waterdeep, a personal favourite of mine.

Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep is a game that takes a segment of the Dungeon and Dragons setting and turns it into this wonderful game of worker placement, resource gathering and seizing opportunities when they arise. It is a great game because it works on multiple levels. You can if you wish, just respond to what is happening on the board and never really get involved with the other players. Or you can be a right bastard and constantly interfere with players’ plans if you can work out what path to victory each player is on. It is also a unique game in that when I was setting it up the players around the table were worried about how complicated it looked. All they saw was a complex web of building tiles, tokens, meeples and different decks of cards. Then as is always the case with Lords of Waterdeep, once the first round was finished everyone had got the key mechanics of the game down.

We played with just the base box which resulted in a fairly quick game. It was also odd because we surprisingly had a game long bottleneck on people trying to get warriors. Which are meant to be the game’s most common resource. It was this weird combination of most of the players needing them and additional buildings which supplied them not coming out of the building stack. Being a couple of the players first game I decided to take a step back and let the game play out by itself to an extent. Also the previously mentioned warrior bottleneck hindered my game plan. In future though I think I will play in full on screwing everyone over mode to see what happens.


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