Throwing My Money Away – October Edition

gt01-box-leftIt has been a relatively restrained month of games purchases for me. The purchases I have made have been focused on mainly one thing, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition.

At first I just got the initial Core Set. Then I got a bunch of card sleeves and a deck box. Then I got a second Core Set and some more sleeves. I “need” a third Core Set then I will be fully tricked out AGoT wise until the first Chapter Pack is released sometime next month. Like I said in my review the initial cost to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is somewhat prohibitive. Also while having two Core Sets is perfectly fine my competitive decks are nowhere near as strong as they could be. So I am currently in the process of budgeting that in for next month if I can.

7th continent

On the Kickstarter front I have been equally restrained and only thrown money at one game, The 7th Continent. A very interesting looking choose your own adventure game that is meant to be played over several sessions. It is setup so you can save your progress at anytime, pack everything away and then pick things up again later on. There is also a whole mess of cards that come with the base game and then of course there are expansions that add more cards, figures and mechanics. I only went for the base game and I am sort of thankful for it because 7th Continent has hit pretty much all of its stretch goals so heaps of extra cards and figures have been added in already. Still there are always the post pledge add-ons window if I want to get any of the expansion packs.

On the horizon there is of course Pandemic Legacy which is the game everyone is currently talking about. I have held off on buying it so far because I have never actually played Pandemic. So while Legacy looks and sounds great I want to make sure I actually like the game at the heart of it first before I commit a chunk of money and time to playing it.

Word has also reached me of Chaos Cards having a Clearance Sale on a large chunk of their stock. So I have the lure of that to resist for the time being…


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