Recommended 2015 – Intermediate Games


Christmas draws closer and closer so I am jumping on the listicle bandwagon and have put together a “definitive” list of recommended tabletop games that you can buy for loved ones, ask for as presents or you know just buy for yourself as a “you deserve this” purchase.

These recommendations are broken up into several posts each one covering a different category of games. Each list includes a varied selection of games for you to buy and enjoy.

I have already covered Casual & Family and Introductory Games this week I am covering Intermediate Games.

The criteria for these lists is: If I own it, I can include it. So if I have missed out on your favourite game it probably means that I do not own it…..yet.

Intermediate Games are perfect if you want to push things a bit further in terms of complexity and depth. These games either have some complex mechanics or webs of systems you have to navigate to achieve victory. These are the sorts of games I tend to gravitate to aside from Advanced Games. (More on them next time!) Most of these games will take up a good chunk of an evening so there is an element of time investment into playing them. However the end result is always rewarding.

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