New Edition of Blood Bowl – First Details



People called me mad, a dreamer. A silly man with an unhealthy love for a fantasy football  game. (And I mean fantasy football as in wizards and goblins  playing a game with a ball and feet fantasy, not the other kind!). But Games Workshop’s newer more down-with-the-man-kids approach revival of the Specialist Games Division and strategically targeting children of 80s-90s nostalgia glands is starting to pay off right now!

Well not now exactly….more like some undetermined date in 2017 but still there is going to be a new version of my beloved Blood Bowl!!!

Look at it! Look at the minis!

Heck I even got an email from GW saying that they are going to be running special events for the old version of the game up at Warhammer World in Nottingham later this year
to send it off in style before the new version comes out. Also presumably to try out some of the new rule and asking legacy players for feedback and what they want to see from the new game. It’s almost like Games Workshop care again!

Personally I am hoping for the miniatures to be priced reasonably outside of the initial two team starter box. You need a field-able team and possibly a couple of reserves in each box. Which if they can keep under or around the £30 sweet spot would be brilliant. If they go down the route of having Star Players again (and why not?!) those can be awesome looking premium format miniatures with a hefty price tag. They are meant to be special and stand out on the table so it makes sense.

They can also easily change up the format for how the game works to help monetise its audience. There is room to have things like an upgrades and special item cards system like X-Wing Miniatures tied to team and Star Player boxes. It would nudge people into buying multiple teams and characters rather than just the ones they like the look of. Although if Games Workshop made such a move the angry people on the internet would see it as corporate greed rather than helping to create a lasting product. But if Fantasy Flight Games can get away with it for every other game they publish why not GW?

I am excited to see more but man, it is going to be a long year of waiting. Here’s hoping that 2017 means early 2017!


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