X-Wing Miniatures – Heroes of the Resistance


via These Are Your First Steps – Fantasy Flight Games

I don’t normally post preview style posts on here but after getting into the X-Wing Miniatures Game with the Force Awakens Starter Set seeing more Force Awakens content for the game excites me.

So what do you get in the Heroes of the Resistance pack? Figures wise there’s a nice looking slightly modded Millennium Falcon which will sit nicely next to my original trilogy one. Then we get Poe Dameron’s impossibly cool Black One modified T-70 X-Wing with its black and orange paint job.


On the cards front there is a bunch of unique pilots for T-70 X-Wings and updated Pilot cards for Han and Chewie in the Falcon with new abilities. Also included are crew cards for Rey and Finn. Rey also gets a pilot card for the Falcon because *SPOILERS* the ship is kind of her’s now in the films.

I’m not going to drill down into the nitty gritty of the cards and numbers, you can see that for yourself on the official FFG Preview. But I felt it was worth sharing because this is the perfect “next purchase” if like me, you have recently picked up the Force Awakens Starter set.

The contents of this box and the FA core set should give you a pretty meaty 100pts.+ Resistance Squadron fly with. I am also excited because FFG are pretty good at giving equal releases for the opposing sides in X-Wing. But seeing as in the film the First Order only had their new fo/TIEs on show as their main ship that means there is only one possible ship the crew at FFG can turn into a model for the game, Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle. Which I think we can all agree is a pretty cool looking ship!


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