Project #1 Concept – Game Dev Deck Builder

Very rough notes when I started coming up with the basics of the game.

I’ve been wanting to make tabletop games for a while and starting this site has galvanised me into moving ahead with a few ideas. Project #1 is something I feel I can quite quickly define the game mechanics for, make a prototype or two of and most importantly; iterate quickly. The game idea is simple enough but I am hoping that the mechanics will make for a good competitive game for 2-5ish players. So what is it?

Project #1 is a Game Development Deck Building Game.

I’m using my experience in and knowledge of the Video Games Industry to craft a game about making games. The tone will be┬áreasonably tongue-in-cheek and make fun of certain aspects of game dev, the industry and the people around it. While also, hopefully giving some insight into the process of developing a video game. This is because the longer I work in the Games Industry the more I realise that people who play games on the whole do not know how they are made. I’m a fan of Deck Building Games in general and those sets of mechanics seemed to fit well with the idea of making a game about making games.

Note: To make things make a bit more sense Experience refers to the deck building game as a whole and Game refers to the game players are making within the game. (Its game-ception!)

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